Coating a B&T product you already own OR buying a new B&T product that you want coated:

Anyone that wishes to apply an “aftermarket” finish to a B&T product they already own should read the following:

Any B&T product that is going to get an aftermarket finish that requires the use of heat or disassembly should be returned to B&T Industries L.L.C. where we will disassemble it and return all anodized parts for coating to the customer. Once the coating is applied, the finished parts are returned to B&T where we will reassemble them to our specifications. We add a discreet builders mark and the assembled product is shipped back to the customer. We will provide this service for $64.95 which includes all labor, shipping and handling. B&T Industries L.L.C. will not be responsible for the aftermarket finish.

Please be aware that there are areas of tolerance stack where a thick/heavy coating application will negatively impact function. We will remove the minimal amount of finish material in these areas to allow proper function. If there is gross coating issues, we will contact the owner.

NOTE: Anyone choosing not to use this service does so at their own risk and liability that voids our Lifetime Warranty  The labor charge for B&T to assemble any B&T product disassembled outside of B&T is $110.95 plus parts. We do not sell or ship parts. Anyone that wishes to buy a B&T product and have it coated, should buy from the Unassembled Atlas Bipods page.