no dye bipods

In recognition of our 20th year of business, we are offering a limited supply of Atlas PSR and Atlas CAL Gen. 2 Standard Height Bipods without black dye. These Bipods came off our same machine line and are absolutely built to the same quality and held to the same standards as all our Bipods, but in eliminating the dye from our Type III Hard Anodizing line we are able to offer them in a unique gray finish.

  • The individual, aluminum parts of these “No Dye” or “ND” Atlas Bipods react differently to the anodizing so each and every Bipod is slightly different and unique in its own way. The color can vary from a lighter gray that is almost white, through darker, mid-tone grays.
  • This process added a significant amount of labor due to the fact that we hand-selected each piece to build them into a calculated and refined finished product. This added labor yields a surcharge that is added to the selling price. The surcharge along with the profit will be donated to Military and Law Enforcement Communities.
  • These Atlas Bipods will only be available through our webstore on a first-come, first-serve basis. No discounts of any kind will be available on this limited run.

The Atlas Bipods in this limited run is no different than our normal production with exception to the color of the finished product and the extra attention given therein. The varying shades of gray are indeed stunnning and the Bipods are truly unique. In fact, several employees have already claimed some! Get yours while they last and help support a great cause.